How it Works.

Our virtual power plant is a powerful proposition.

Consider a home with a solar system on its roof and a solar battery that stores the excess electricity that it generates. Then imagine if this solar-powered home was connected to all the other solar powered homes in the community.

Instead of relying on any electricity from the grid, Bewdy Energy makes it possible for these homes to trade power between one another through the use of intelligent, automated technology that is managed by their energy retailer.
It’s a solution that drives down costs, generates savings for consumers, improves solar ROI and keeps our planet clean for future generations.
The Bewdy Energy virtual power plant technology is a powerful proposition.

Australia is home to many small energy generators.

Demand for energy continues to soar as our population rises. Many thousands of forward-thinking Australians have already embraced solar, transforming themselves from energy consumers to small energy generators that can actively trade their electricity back into the grid.  The next step in the energy revolution is Bewdy Energy.


By deploying our intelligent technology in solar sites, we create networks of connected independent energy generators that challenge the need for traditional large-scale, high cost grid infrastructure and instead create an affordable, alternate renewables grid that makes sustainable electricity available to all participants, even when the sun isn’t shining.

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