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The energy revolution
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Welcome to the forefront of a new way to distribute electricity. Through our virtual power plant technology, electricity retailers gain greater control, deeper data insights, hedge against volatile wholesale energy markets, improving cost and price certainty, and reduce customer churn.  There is a lot to like about Bewdy.

Being an energy retailer is a tough business. On one hand, the wholesale energy market pricing remains hard to predict, while on the other, consumers, under increasing cost pressure, hunt for cheaper electricity offers, then churn their business away.
In a competitive environment such as energy, retailers must search for ways to add value to protect their customer base and find savings that can be passed on so that they remain cost-competitive.
By turning to a Bewdy Energy partnership, energy retailers can tackle their challenges head-on, utilising our intelligent technology and energy asset automation to deliver real, tangible benefits to keep their customers.

Cement your position in the emerging energy economy. Manage risk, reduce price volatility and costs.

Australia already has one of the highest per capita solar installations globally, so energy retailers are well-positioned to participate in the emerging energy economy.

Bewdy Energy partners with retailers to expand their network of connected solar households, giving them greater control in managing and distributing energy on demand. Through Bewdy, energy retailers can hedge their exposure to volatile wholesale spot pricing while reducing transmission costs.

The Bewdy platform includes all the necessary hardware and software to create a virtual power plant that makes managing distributed energy amazingly efficient. What makes it different to others, though, is its machine learning. Bewdy’s platform captures consumer consumption patterns and habits, aggregates this data and uses it to learn. By intelligently packaging data, energy retailers know how much power they can trade within their connected Bewdy network.

Focus on increasing
market share.

A partnership with Bewdy Energy allows energy retailers to develop and market new products and services that help reduce customer churn.

And, through cost reduction, energy retailers are perfectly placed to pass on savings to customers, improving brand loyalty and creating revenue certainty. The Bewdy Energy partnership delivers technology that is smart, sophisticated and automated, allowing creative and adaptive energy retailers to create new revenue streams and future-proof their brands as the energy market continues to evolve.

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