Electric Vehicles.

Make the most of your mobile energy hub.

Many Australians already appreciate the benefits of moving to electric vehicles – breathing easier, saving on fuel costs, reducing environmental impacts and charging up at home.

We believe the penetration of electric vehicles has only just begun. An electric vehicle is a mobile energy hub with power that can be stored and traded through the Bewdy network when it’s not needed.

Imagine your home of the future.

Imagine your home of the future.

It is wholly powered by renewable energy, both through your installed residential solar system and through your participation in the Bewdy Energy network.

You drive an electric car that you charge at home, which automatically communicates with Bewdy from the moment you plug it in.
Your car can help power your home when solar electricity cannot be produced or you can return surplus energy from your car to the grid, which means you may qualify for credits from your electricity retailer.
All of this is possible with the Bewdy system. All you need to do is buy your electric vehicle and Bewdy will take care of the rest.

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