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The days of poles and wires are numbered.

It used to be that households had to buy coal-fired electricity from the grid, where aging poles and wires transported power from a small number of large generators to homes and businesses across Australia.

Escalating electricity prices, though, have forced many consumers to consider alternatives, including installing residential solar systems to reduce their ongoing exposure to and dependency on expensive grid power pricing. Through solar installations, these households have become small, independent electricity generators in their own right, and this opens up an opportunity for them to participate in an exciting, emerging energy marketplace.

Homes are the new energy generators.

A Bewdy Energy virtual power plant is a network of households that have installed solar systems and battery storage and are connected together using Bewdy’s intelligent technology.

Through our technology, households trade renewable electricity amongst each other, instead of relying on buying electricity from the grid. With Bewdy Energy, this is an automated process that is managed through your energy retailer.

By installing solar systems and batteries in homes, most consumers are already dramatically reducing their electricity bills, so imagine if they could reduce it even further? Using Bewdy Energy’s system, they can. Households have new opportunities to maximise their investments in solar while they protect the planet for future generations.

Your electric vehicle is a mobile energy hub.

Many Australians already appreciate the benefits of moving to electric vehicles – breathing easier, saving on fuel costs, reducing environmental impacts and charging up at home.

We believe the penetration of electric vehicles has only just begun. An electric vehicle is a mobile energy hub with power that can be stored and traded through the Bewdy network when it’s not needed.

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