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We are an energy-tech company with big goals.

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As an increasing number of households install residential solar systems, the energy marketplace in Australia has been steadily evolving. And, with more people including solar storage as part of their systems, we can really step closer to the future of power.

As an energy-tech venture, Bewdy Energy is at the forefront of this evolution. Our goal is for every Australian household to make the switch to Bewdy Energy. We believe that by changing the way that electricity is traded, managed and distributed, everybody wins.
Behind the scenes is a passionate team of visionaries and entrepreneurs, who are committed to cheaper, cleaner energy and an open marketplace in which everyone can participate. We have a global outlook, learning from international experience to guide and refine our approach to developing flexible, stable and decentralised energy networks.

Our team has deep experience and insights in the energy sector, which we have coupled with sophisticated technology that we have developed. We are well-positioned to partner with Australian electricity retailers looking for an effective, efficient energy management platform.

The Bewdy Energy Virtual Power Plant presents exciting opportunities for peer-to-peer micro markets and motivates electricity retailers to harness sustainable energy efficiently, reducing their exposure to risk while keeping our planet greener for future generations.

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