Energy to believe in.

We’re at the forefront of a new way to distribute electricity. Through our virtual power plant technology, electricity retailers gain greater control, deeper data, improved cost and price certainty, and reduced customer churn.  It’s a powerful proposition.

The balance of power is shifting.

In the past, Australians have relied on traditional coal-fired electricity grids to power their homes and businesses. Today, many of these power systems are aging and are ill-equipped to scale into the future. Bewdy Energy has pioneered a way to help make green, clean energy more reliable, efficient and cost effective. Our virtual power plant technology empowers you to reap the many rewards of decentralised sources of power – automation efficiencies, reduced costs, intelligently managed energy assets and resources, reduced risk, and an open energy marketplace where every solar household can become a participant.

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Energy retailers are powering the emerging energy economy.

 A fresh approach to energy management is long overdue. The transformation in the energy sector puts great control into the hands of energy retailers.

Using our virtual power plant technology, electricity retailers gain greater control, deeper data insights, hedge against volatile wholesale energy markets, improve cost and price uncertainty, can improve market forecasting, and reduce customer churn.


Coming 2020

BewdyCore™ & BewdyEMS™

 Demand for energy continues to soar as our population rises. Many thousands of forward-thinking Australians have already embraced solar, transforming themselves from energy consumers to small energy generators that can actively trade their electricity back into the grid.

By deploying our BewdyCore & BewdyEMS intelligent technology in solar sites, we create networks of connected independent energy generators that challenge the need for traditional large-scale, high cost grid infrastructure and instead create an affordable, alternate renewables grid that makes sustainable electricity available to all participants, even when the sun isn’t shining. 

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Monitoring Software.

Our VPP Monotoring software allows the users and the retailer realtime statistics and cost pricing information.

Retail Energy Supply.

Energy utilities can access more opportunitiesd by shifting energy in peak times to other VPP operators.

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How it Works.

Instead of relying on any electricity from the grid, Bewdy Energy makes it possible for homes to trade power between one another through the use of intelligent, automated technology that is managed by their energy retailer.

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Bewdy Energy VPP

Our VPP network connects customers’ across Australia to deliver high value service and ensure customers have energy when they need it.

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Solar Partnering.

Clean energy starts onsite. Partnering with Australia’s leading solar installers, our customers are able to generate their own free green energy.

EV Charging.

Optimise the advantages of VPP through electric vehicles network predictive planning. Ensuring power is allocated to your vehicle.

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Consumers participate in connected energy marketplaces.

For consumers, Bewdy Energy provides the opportunity to increase their participation in the emerging energy marketplace, further drive down their electricity costs, maximise their solar investment ROI while they help keep the planet cleaner for future generations. With Bewdy Energy, everybody wins.

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